Airport-wide integrations

Explore Mach1, your comprehensive platform for seamless connectivity and real-time data access. Meticulously crafted for efficiency, our software empowers administrators with automation and customizable fields, ensuring effortless airfield management.

Airport-Wide Integrations

  • Comprehensive Operations Log
  • Mass Communication
  • Keyword based categorization
  • NOTAM management with templates
  • Pass on Notes
  • Crowd sourcing
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Interactive Status board
  • Airfield inspections
  • Resource Library
  • Training Management
  • Resource/Gate Management
  • Recommendations
  • AVOP
  • CADORs

  • Comprehensive emergency record
  • Mass Communication
  • Realtime resource response
  • Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Emergency Debrief
  • Emergency Exercise
  • Share Exercise scenarios
  • Checklist Integration

  • Comprehensive Safety report
  • Accept/Pushback/Delegate
  • Timed HIRA Scoring
  • Visual RCA (Cause Mapping/5 Whys)
  • Watchlist
  • Share SMS Learnings
  • Risk Register
  • Confidential report redefined
  • Category driven inclusion
  • Safety effectiveness measurement
  • Category-driven inclusion.
  • Email & action plan management
  • Meeting

  • Government of Canada species registry
  • Cosewic species
  • TC Strike Report submission
  • Wildlife Observation

  • Airfield Workorders
  • Non- airfield workorder
  • Accept/Pushback/Delegate
  • Asset Management
  • Visual vehicle Inspections
  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Comprehensive security Log
  • RAIC/RAP Management
  • Blacklist Management
  • Visitor/Temporary pass management
  • Passengers assist management

  • Comprehensive Firehouse Log
  • Inventory tracking
  • Equipment/Vehicle inspection
  • Shift Management
  • Pass on notes
  • Meeting

  • Tenant Management
  • Contract Management
  • Tenant portal
  • Aeronautical revenue management
  • Non-Aeronautical revenue management

Our Innovative Solutions

Realtime Status Board
Integrated Ops Module
SMS Module
Emergency Exercise module
Mass Alert System
Realtime Status Board

Elevate your operational awareness with our cutting-edge Dynamic Status Board, providing real-time airport data at your fingertips. This comprehensive tool offers a holistic view of crucial information, including an interactive Airport Map showcasing infrastructure and Navaid status, NOTAM updates, METAR data, airport resources, Avsec levels, and more.

Integrated Ops Module

Maximize operational efficiency with our all-encompassing Operations Log. Simplify data entry, improve accuracy, and glean insights into daily workflows. Elevate accessibility by automating log entries from inspections, work orders, and IoT devices. Our Ops Log extends its functionality by seamlessly integrating with meeting agenda creators, NOTAM, METAR, and other operational modules for a unified workflow experience.

Safety Management System

Our Comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) redefines safety operations in the aviation industry, offering an array of robust tools to ensure transparency, efficiency, and continuous improvement.

Emergency Exercise module

Our Emergency Module revolutionizes incident management by providing simultaneous access to multiple departments, including operations, security, fire, and more. This comprehensive tool not only captures real-time notes from each department but also records responses with timestamps, assisted by customizable checklists.

Mass Alert System

Empower your emergency response with MACH1's Word Sprint, an integrated mass communication software that simplifies alert messaging. Users can effortlessly send mass alerts through various channels—email, phone, text, and mobile app notifications with preconfigured templates and chosen contacts.

Why Mach


Small Airports Airlines + Ground Service + MRO Regional Authority + Government + City Major Airport Authority
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Basic Safety Ops & Emergency Ops & Safety Ops, Safety & Emergency Regulations
Basic Ops Basic Ops Basic Ops Basic Ops Basic Ops Basic Ops
Forms/Checklist Forms/Checklist Forms/Checklist Forms/Checklist Forms/Checklist Forms/Checklist
Advanced Ops Advanced Ops Advanced Ops
Advanced Emergency Module Advanced Emergency Module Advanced Emergency Module
ESRI Integrated Mapping ESRI Integrated Mapping ESRI Integrated Mapping ESRI Integrated Mapping
Mass Alert/Response Mass Alert/Response Mass Alert/Response
Exercise Module Exercise Module Exercise Module
Basic SMS Investigation Basic SMS Investigation Basic SMS Investigation Basic SMS Investigation Basic SMS Investigation
Geo Tracking Enabled Field Inspection Geo Tracking Enabled Field Inspection Geo Tracking Enabled Field Inspection
Visual Cause Mapping & 5 Whys Visual Cause Mapping & 5 Whys Visual Cause Mapping & 5 Whys Visual Cause Mapping & 5 Whys
2 Meetings 1 Meeting 2 Meetings Multiple Meetings Multiple Meetings
Training Training
Wildlife Wildlife
CARS,CASR & QC Connect
Crowd Sourcing
Why Do

Yes, MACH1 is currently available in English and French. We are also developing the program in Inuktitut in response to requests from some of our Northern contributors. Additionally, if any airport is interested in languages like Spanish or German, our program is adaptable to accommodate those requests.

Absolutely. MACH 1's custom-built inspection module seamlessly integrates with ESRI and functions flawlessly offline. Users can utilize any necessary forms and checklists within MACH1 without an internet connection.

Indeed. MACH1 is currently integrated with Preventive Pro, Word Sprint, and Ping Us Now. Moreover, we continuously seek new solutions for integration. Any existing program offering an API can seamlessly integrate with MACH1.

  • MACH1's enterprise solution is meticulously crafted to not only enhance but also seamlessly assist airport workers in swiftly overcoming challenges. By amalgamating airport operations, emergency response, maintenance, safety, security, quality control, quality assurance, and crowd sourcing into one platform, MACH1 ensures comprehensive support.
  • Our continuous efforts to develop new solutions and integrate existing ones are geared towards providing a complete solution tailored to meet airport needs, both for front-end and back-end users. The seamless backend reports and connectivity within modules are meticulously designed to minimize time spent on analysis, allowing airport operators to focus on promoting proactive safety initiatives crucial for airside safety.
  • Understanding the significance of marketing and finance in airport management, we are actively collaborating with our partners to incorporate these aspects into the MACH1 ecosystem.

  • MACH1 places a paramount focus on both cost-effectiveness and the enhancement of airside safety, seamlessly aligning with stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Our subscription models are meticulously tailored to accommodate varying airport sizes, movements, and operational needs, thereby ensuring unparalleled flexibility and affordability. Module prices span from $25 for entry-level options to $500 and beyond for premium offerings, complemented by a one-time setup fee.
  • In demonstration of our unwavering commitment to safety and continual improvement, we include complimentary access to both NOTAM & METAR repository modules for all subscribers and provide a comprehensive 3-year needs assessment exclusively for 5-year subscribers.

  • MACH1 extends a 60-day self-paced free trial with basic pre-customization
  • Furthermore, in showcasing our dedication to enhancing safety, we offer a 6 to 8-month pilot project,with two dedicated resources, for interested airports.
  • We invite you to schedule a meeting to delve into these options further or to arrange a comprehensive demo.

  • Absolutely! MACH1 provides a dedicated application designed to elevate the user interface and experience for front-end users. This application enables offline mode access, geo-location tracking capability, confidential safety scoring for HIRAs, and more.
  • Additionally, akin to some traditional models in the market, MACH1 is a responsive website that seamlessly adapts to any smartphone or tablet.

MACH1 rollouts typically span from 2 to 8 months, varying based on the size of the airport and the level of customization needed. To facilitate a seamless transition and minimize resource allocation for setup, MACH1 provides a comprehensive library of categories, keyboards allocated for module-specific auto-categorizations, and pre-built templates.

Absolutely. Authorized users can effortlessly send incident/safety/emergency-related emails directly from an incident. Moreover, responses from respondents can be received directly back into the incident record, ensuring seamless record management.

  • Yes, MACH1's safety module gives users a clear visual of the 5 Whys or cause mapping as they input findings, making it easier to understand root causes. Users can also tag contributing factors for tracking KPIs.
  • Additionally, our safety, emergency, incident module lets users create tasks, work orders, and recommendations, all with visual representations of the workflow and progress tracking for Corrective Action Plans (CAPs).

  • MACH1 has a built in template to create/host/document a HIRA and safety case investigation. Users have the capability to analyze and score multiple hazards according to their specific requirements.
  • MACH1 has a built in template to create/host/document a HIRA and safety case investigation. Users have the capability to analyze and score multiple hazards according to their specific requirements.

Yes, MACH1's integrated ops/safety/incident/emergency & security modules seamlessly integrate with our meeting module, empowering authorized users to create meeting agendas on the go. Within the meeting module, users can add attendees, send invites (in both .ics & .ical formats), add meeting minutes (with transcribe option also available), and create any necessary follow-ups, all within a single meeting record. This feature is included to assist airports in meeting their regulatory requirements and to streamline the document management process.

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